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How to use

To use this file, overwrite the existing file (DCTxBB5.tip) located in either:-

x:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix 


x:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_DCTxBB5


This file adds updated language file info for the models listed, it does NOT add new models to the DCTxBB5 list.

Latest HWK INI Version

25 dec 2012 hwk ini

New Models Added:

RM-802 Nokia LUMIA 800C
RM-821 Nokia LUMIA 920
RM-825 Nokia LUMIA 820
RM-824 Nokia LUMIA 820
RM-845 Nokia LUMIA 822
RM-898 Nokia LUMIA 510
RM-843 Nokia ASHA 309
RM-852 Nokia ASHA 308
RM-872 Nokia 206/2060
RM-873 Nokia 206
RM-884 Nokia ASHA 302
RM-923 Nokia LUMIA 505
RM-907 Nokia C1-02i


DctxBB5.rar (33.4 KB)