How to make Samsung QUALCOMM RAM DUMP

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To Dump RAM Need:

1. Insert Sim Card
2. Power on the phone and activate "QUALCOMM USB Mode" - type *#782872# and confirm. (install drivers if PC asks)
3. Tick 'Qualcomm Mode'
4. Press 'QDCI Info'
5. Make SCREENDUMP (CTRL+ALT+Print Screen)
6. Press 'Read Flash'
7. Tick 'RAM'
8. Set Address and size as in the above picture, Press 'OK' and wait ... for the process to complete
9. If have message Sysinfo Saved as: *_Sys.sec, add this file to the archive also.
10. Upload the file to some free hosting and provide the link in this thread along with the screendump of QDCI Info


If Fails, on 50%, Make Size 0400 0000
This applicable to ALL Not Implemented Samsung QC Models eg: A707, A727, V820L, ...
Even Not Listed Models, for these select similar.
RAM Dump can take few hours
SIM card can be any, but MUST BE INSERTED!!!
Phone does not need to be locked.
We will Give Codes of Current Dump and Add Model to Next Release.
Q. How to Enter Unlock Code ?
A. Check Manual x:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\Documents\SGH-F480_Unfreeze_Unlock_Procedure.pdf