MR1 R3F008

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RSI - S700 MR1 EmmaII and CSCA rev B 	
Affected product:

A new and improved software for S700 has been released on EmmaII and CSCA.
Software could not be made available on Update Service due to technical problems that will be solved to next release.

CXC 125 935, S700 – EU 1
CXC 125 945, S700 – Hong Kong
CXC 125 946, S700 – Taiwan
CXC 125 947, S700 – China
are updated to R3F_008 in following kits:

S700c DPY1012738/164 CMCC China
S700i DPY1012738/107 Globe PH
S700i DPY1012738/28 Generic Indonesia Sri Lanka
S700i DPY1012738/46 Generic Philippines Vietnam
S700i DPY1012738/61 Generic Thailand
S700i DPY1012738/52 Singapore Malayisia
S700i DPY1012738/161 Smart Philippines
S700i DPY1012738/60 Generic CH
S700i DPY1012738/69 VF Mkom Austria
S700i DPY1012738/85 Vodafone UK
S700i DPY1012738/25 Generic Greece
S700i DPY1012738/26 Generic Hungary
S700i DPY1012738/9 Generic UAE
S700i DPY1012738/62 Generic Turkey
S700i DPY1012738/48 Portugal
S700i DPY1012738/57 Spain
S700i DPY1012738/24 Generic Germany
S700i DPY1012738/19 Norway Denmark
S700i DPY1012738/59 Nordic Generic 1
S700i DPY1012738/32 Italy
S700i DPY1012738/13 Brazil
S700i DPY1012738/45 Southern Cone
S700i DPY1012738/44 India Bangladesh
S700i DPY1012738/20 LAM
S700i DPY1012738/47 Poland
S700i DPY1012738/50 Russia
S700i DPY1012738/18 Czech Republic
S700i DPY1012738/131 TIM Italy
S700i DPY1012738/91 Vodafone Germany
S700i DPY1012738/101 VF Sweden
S700c DPY1012738/1 Generic China Mainland
S700i DPY1012738/40 Netherlands
S700i DPY1012738/93 Vodafone Hungary
S700i DPY1012738/92 Vodafone Greece
S700i DPY1012738/96 Vodafone MT
S700i DPY1012738/98 Vodafone NZ
S700i DPY1012738/99 Vodafone Portugal
S700i DPY1012738/11 Belgium
S700i DPY1012738/23 Generic France
S700i DPY1012738/119 Telia SE
S700i DPY1012738/2 Hong Kong
S700i DPY1012738/71 O2 UK
S700i DPY1012738/108 Taiwan
S700i DPY1012738/102 VF Swisscom CH
S700i DPY1012738/7 Australia
S700i DPY1012738/146 Telstra Australia
S700i DPY1012738/87 Vodafone Australia
S700i DPY1012738/68 E-Plus DE
S700i DPY1012738/147 Optus AU
S700i DPY1012738/30 UK Ireland