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RSI – W950i SW (MR2) on EMMA III & UpdateService 	
Affected products

New software (MRC for M600/P990/W950) is now available on EMMA III and Update Service.

Phone SW load module version: CXC162037 R9F011 (updated)
Bluetooth SW load module: CXC162098 R3A01 (hard coded in the phone)
PDA load module version: CXC162075 R6A16 (updated)
CDA load module version: CDA162014/x R6A13 (updated - see listed below)
TAC: 35931500
Symbian OS: 9.1

Language code - CDA version (English [UK] hard coded in all models).

W950i Generic World1 - CDA162014/1 (updated)
W950i Generic World2 - CDA162014/2 (updated)
W950i Generic Italy/Swiss - CDA162014/3 (updated)
W950i Generic France - CDA162014/4 (updated)

Languages included in World1 and 2 are;
American English (AE), Canadian French (CF), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE),
Greek (EL), Hebrew (IW), Hungarian (HU), Latin American Spanish (XL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU),
Swedish (SV), Spanish (ES), Turkish (TR).

Languages included in Italy/Swiss are;
French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT)

Example of some BOSS errands been solved
BO060801-39901 Audio is very less at the time of playing music
BO060831-40872/1 Incoming call alert not received
BO060904-40964 RTSP no audio
BO061103-42475 Green screen at the first 2 seconds when video streaming
BO061214-43983 SMS Greek Letters missing in MRB scripts
BO061229-44250 Accessory item had been deleted in MMS
BO070115-44591 Can not playback recording sound
BO070122-44869 Wrong place on navigation bar
BO070301-46111 Field Cc. on email was empty

PC-SW requirements
PC - SW version 1.0.3 available on the PC-SW CDs (LZY162 004 R2A) or higher e.g. 1.2.15 available
on the consumer website should be used together with this software release.