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SI – W950i SW (MR3) on EMMA III & UpdateService 	

Affected products

New software (MRD for P990 and W950) is now available on EMMA III and Update Service.

Phone SW load module version: CXC162037 R9G007 (updated)
Bluetooth SW load module: CXC162098 R3A01 (hard coded in the phone)
PDA load module version: CXC162075 R6D22 (updated)
CDA load module version: CDA162014/1,3-4 R6D19 (updated - see listed below)
CDA load module version: CDA162014/2 R6D21 (updated - see listed below)
TAC: 35931500
Symbian OS: 9.1

Language code - CDA version (English [UK] hard coded in all models).

W950i Generic World1 - CDA162014/1 (updated)
W950i Generic World2 - CDA162014/2 (updated)
W950i Generic Italy/Swiss - CDA162014/3 (updated)
W950i Generic France - CDA162014/4 (updated)

Languages included in World1 and 2 are;
American English (AE), Canadian French (CF), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE),
Greek (EL), Hebrew (IW), Hungarian (HU), Latin American Spanish (XL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU),
Swedish (SV), Spanish (ES), Turkish (TR).

Languages included in Italy/Swiss are;
French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT)
See attached “Product Revision Bulletin W950 MRD release”
Product Revision Bulletin W950 MRD release

Example of some BOSS errands been solved
BO060921-41459/1 The channel was wrong with the DS-970
BO061010-42029 Unable to display the Chinese MP3 track title
BO070124-44933 The TrackID displaying unknown characters
BO070402-46953 The Chinese Date format showing error
BO070412-47174 Virtual keyboard didn’t work on landscape view
BO070412-47176 Alarm sound volume to low

PC-SW requirements
PC - SW version 1.0.3 available on the PC-SW CDs (LZY162 004 R2A) or higher e.g. 1.3.19
available on the consumer website should be used together with this software release.