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RSI – M600i SW (MR3++) on EMMA III & UpdateServi 	
Affected products

Updated software is now available on EMMA III and Update Service.

Phone SW load module version: CXC162037 R9A002 (updated)
Bluetooth SW load module: CXC162058 R3A01 (hard coded in the phone)
PDA load module version: CXC162071 R4C01 (updated)
CDA load module version: CDA162011/x R4C01 (updated - see listed below)
TAC: 35931500
Symbian OS: 9.1

Language code - CDA version (English [UK] hard coded in all models).

M600i Generic World1 - CDA162011/1 (updated)
M600i Generic World2 - CDA162011/2 (updated)
M600i Generic Italy/Swiss - CDA162011/3 (updated)
M600i Generic France - CDA162011/4 (updated)

Languages included in World1 and 2 are;
American English (AE), Arabic (AR), Canadian French (CF), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), Finnish (FI), French (FR),
German (DE), Greek (EL), Hebrew (IW), Hungarian (HU), Latin American Spanish (XL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT),
Russian (RU), Swedish (SV), Spanish (ES), Turkish (TR).

Languages included in Italy/Swiss are;
French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT)

See attached “M600i Software Release Notes”

Example of some BOSS errands been solved
BO060526-38029 Boot up sequence is very slow
BO060607-38286 Unable to download JAVA JAD File
BO060607-38289 Unable to download OMA DD Download Descriptor
BO060627-38803 The screen flashing during the call
BO060710-39148 When the caller party is Busy, call still continue after selecting no to retry
BO060712-39227 Suspending video reproduction not possible
BO060712-39233 With ActiveSync installed, M600i becomes more unstable
BO060713-39264 Problems with redial function
BO060717-39400 During first load, image are not displayed
BO060717-39411 Menus Call redirection missing
BO060717-39412 Error with Messaging
BO060721-39628 Cell info doesn’t work
BO060727-39874 Error message bad request
BO060728-39483 Show not enough memory issue
BO060804-40170 Date and Time format reset to default after Power on/off cycle

PC-SW requirements
PC - SW version 1.0.3 available on the PC-SW CDs (LZY162 004 R2A) or higher should be used together with this software release.