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SI – M600i SW(MR5) on EMMA III & UpdateService 	
Updated software (MRC for M600/P990/W950) is now available on EMMA III and Update Service.

Phone SW load module version: CXC162037 R9F011 (updated)
Bluetooth SW load module: CXC162058 R3A01 (hard coded in the phone)
PDA load module version: CXC162071 R6A16 (updated)
CDA load module version: CDA162011/x R6A13 (updated - see listed below)
TAC: 35931500
Symbian OS: 9.1

Language code - CDA version (English [UK] hard coded in all models).

M600i Generic World1 - CDA162011/1 (updated)
M600i Generic World2 - CDA162011/2 (updated)
M600i Generic Italy/Swiss - CDA162011/3 (updated)
M600i Generic France - CDA162011/4 (updated)

Languages included in World1 and 2 are;
American English (AE), Canadian French (CF), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), 
Greek (EL), Hebrew (IW), Hungarian (HU), Latin American Spanish (XL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU),
Swedish (SV), Spanish (ES), Turkish (TR).

Languages included in Italy/Swiss are;
French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT)

Example of some BOSS errands been solved
BO060704-38901 WTAI handling.
BO060825-40708 There is two same icons in the application manager
BO061110-42858 Handset will continuously power cycle at start up
BO061113-42904 Does not sync with MS outlook correctly
BO061117-43051 Can not record call information after place a call
BO061214-43984 SMS Greek Characters difficult to reach
BO070103-44308 Icon resolution
BO070112-44570 The bookmarks of PDF+ unable to work
BO070112-44581 Problems with certain numbers in Quicksheet
BO070130-45163 Opera problem in landscape mode
CC060915-41344 Problem with recurring meetings
CC070207-45430 Problem with contact name, pictures and personalization

PC-SW requirements
PC - SW version 1.0.3 available on the PC-SW CDs (LZY162 004 R2A) or higher
e.g. 1.2.15 available on the consumer website should be used together with this software release.